“Future of Businesses I Bi-Weekly” is a bi-weekly newsletter from Pretiosum Ventures that curates resources for those seeking to understand and go deeper on all things Web2 / Web3 Enterprise.

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Yes, Enterprise may not be seen as “sexy” in comparison to B2C but we are on a mission to make “boring” companies exciting! We will be writing about all things Enterprise and sharing perspective from operators, founders and leading VCs.

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For Fellow Investors

If you are looking to invest into Web2 / Web3 Infrastructure companies or already have a few in your portfolio, we will be sharing dealflow, fundraising updates and our learnings from raising a fund. We can continue forever, but you wouldn’t you rather see (read) for yourself?

For LPs

Curious about a new niche? We got you covered.

For Founders

Yes, it is true - many founders in B2B experience similar problems. How to speak with a decision maker in that large corporate? How to build an exceptional team? How do I raise a round on better terms?

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